• This is a photo of a new rest area on the Rolling Prairie Bike Trail. It pictures Randy Sanders, Dave Heuberger, Thurston Lamberson, Ned Parker and Dick Lukesmeyer. standing in front of a park bench with First Bank Hampton's name.

    Working Together


    The Hampton Tree Board, the Franklin County

    Conservation Board, Thurston Lamberson and

    First Bank Hampton joined together to create

    "Thirsty Oasis," a stopping point along the Rolling

    Prairie Bike Trail between Hampton and Coulter.


  • This is an image of a note pad with home improvement jobs written on it. There's a pen laying on top of the pad, and a wrench beside the pad.

    Finish Up Projects


    It's time to finish up those home improvement

    projects! If you need a little financing help, 

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  • This image show a woman holding a cell phone, fingers on an tablet, with a laptop computer sitting beside the tablet.

    Bank Anywhere


    Life is mobile and so are we! You can

    bank with us anywhere or anytime 

    online or with our mobile app.

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Young man and women sitting on the floor with several cardboard boxes behind them. Looks as if they just moved or are moving.
Relationships Beyond Banking

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