Board of Directors

David M. Heuberger, President & CEO - NMLS #689617
Nancy Boyington, Executive Vice President
Bruce A. Harris, Sr. Vice President
Ronald R. Schermer, Board Member
Dyanne Pralle, Board Member

Commercial and Agricultural Lending Team

Bruce Harris, Sr Vice President - NMLS #689618
Kent Mollenbeck, Vice President - NMLS #689619
Tyler Heeren, Vice President - NMLS #689620

Real Estate and Consumer Lending

Colleen Moritz, Senior Consumer Lender - NMLS #689622
Tom Abbas, Consumer Lender- NMLS # 1261717

Marketing, Compliance, IT & Lending Operations

Mary Symens, Marketing Director
Cindy Mollenbeck, Compliance Officer
Brian Borcherding, Information Systems Officer
Chei Hanig, Director of Lending Operations
Stephanie McWilliams, Loan Processor
Courtney Hass, Loan Processor

Bookkeeping Team

Debbie Silver, Cashier
Mary Leininger, Bookkeeper
Tessa Haller, Bookkeeper
Jalen Uhlenhopp, Bookkeeper

Customer Service Representatives

JoAnn Birdsell, Head Teller
Teresa Fielding, Teller & Receptionist
Jan O'Donnell, Teller, New Accounts, TCD's & IRA's
Pamela Whipple, Teller, New Accounts, TCD's & IRA's
Stephanie Burman Kloetzer, Teller & New Accounts

New Accounts

Eleanor Dudley, Personal Banker

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